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We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Interac e-Transfers and Bitcoin. We offer a 5% discount on purchases made by Interac e-Transfer and 10% made by Bitcoin. All major credit cards are accepted and processed via our secure payment processor.

We do not offer returns once items have left our facility.

  • All orders are shipped from our facility in Ontario, Canada.
  • Orders are shipped on the same business day if the order is placed before 2pm (ET) and shipping within Canada takes 1-4 business days depending on the location. 1-2 Business days if you are located in Ontario and Quebec. 2-4 Business days if located outside of Ontario and Quebec
  • Shipping to the United States takes 4-6 business days. Faster shipping methods are also available at checkout.
  • Shipping outside of North America takes 6-12 business days. Faster shipping methods are also available at checkout.
  • A tracking number is provided with each order to allow you to track the progress of your shipment.

Yes, we ship worldwide

Yes, all of our SARMS, both in Liquid and Capsule Powder form are third party tested for purity. Our purity levels exceed the industry average and ranges from 98.9% to 99.3%. The results prove that our products contain exactly what they describe with zero impurities.

While we do not condone use of SARMS for human consumption and only recommend them for research purposes, we are aware that many athletes and those who want to use it for improved body composition will still use them for their own purposes. That being said, SARMS have been shown to be extremely effective on females in toning of the muscles and fat loss. Furthermore, since they are not hormone based compounds, they don’t produce the side effects of anabolic steroids which many fitness models and competitors use. In the past, females often referred to Anavar or Clenbuterol to attain their fitness goals, however, with the emergence of SARMS, many females have discovered another option which has been demonstrated to have far more improved safety. The most popular and beneficial SARMS for fat loss, increased endurance and muscle toning in Women appear to be Cardarine and Ostarine.

We do not offer recommendations or suggestions through inquiries on which SARMS to use for your specific fitness goal as we can only provide this product for research purposes. Should you choose to use them, at your discretion, please conduct your research accordingly.

We use SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted and secure communication for all our transactions. We do not view or store any credit card information.

SARMS are legal for the purposes of conducting research. All persons are legally able to conduct their own research with these compounds. These products are not intended to treat, heal or cure any disease or medical condition.

We ship worldwide. In all cases, buyers are responsible for clearing customs. Please check your country’s custom regulations if you are in doubt and be sure you read our disclaimer and refund policy.

In order to ensure there is an even distribution of the specific Liquid SARM in each ml applied, stir the bottle in a circular motion with the dropper applicator that is attached to the lid. Stir for approximately 10 seconds before application. 

Liquid SARMS are made using either an alcohol base or an oil base. We use Organic Coconut Oil in ours because:

1) Organic Coconut Oil has several health benefits such as improved cholesterol levels, weight loss and improved skin and brain function.

2) Unlike an alcoholic base, coconut oil is not bitter.

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