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Liquid And Powder SARMS

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There is no noticeable difference in quality or effectiveness between the two forms as our test results have demonstrated. There are benefits to both forms which we will explain.

Liquid SARMS Benefits:

  1. With Liquid SARMS, one is able to split doses and control the quantity. For example, Liquid Ostarine contains 30mg/ml. If a user wanted to measure out 15mg or 45 mg, this is possible with liquid form since you either use .5ml or 1.5ml to reach this dose.

However, with capsulated powder Ostarine which contains 25mg, you are unable to split apart and customize whichever dose you want to test.

  1. Liquid SARS are more affordable. Those on a tighter budget or those who only need a smaller sample may find this form more beneficial.

Powder (Capsulated) SARMS Benefits:

  1. Quicker and more convenient to administer as you do not have to measure anything out.
  2. Overall, you do receive more product/value with Powder (Capsulated) SARMS.

For example, our powder MK-677 contains a total of 1,350mg per bottle (90 capsules x 15mg). Our liquid SARM of MK-677 however contains a total of 900mg per bottle (30ml x 30mg). Therefore, while the cost of Liquid MK-677 is 22% lower than Powder form, you do receive 50% more product and therefore more value.